First reincarnation. Introduction.

Once upon a time, when Visual Studio supported NativeActivity for Android apps (and Android devices were quite happy with them), the life was simple and innocent and developers could handle both Windows and Android projects from the same IDE (Visual Studio). But suddenly, in mid-2022, it ended abruptly. Not excluded that it will be back at some point, but instead of waiting and hoping, I guess it will be wiser to rely on Android Studio.

So I am in the process of rewriting this website to fit the new reality.

Meanwhile, while I am doing that, most of the following original materials remain accurate and actual, just ignore the Android's parts.

Important differences with current (second) "reincarnation":

Subject In THIS tutorial
(first reincarnation)
In newer version
(second reincarnation)
NativeActivity IDE
MS Visual Studio
*Not supported any more
Google Android Studio
Windows platform x86, 32 bit x64, 64 bit
Root class name TheGame TheApp
Elements class name GameSubj SceneSubj
Android/Windows C++
Language Standards
Defaults. Language differences
were treated as "platform-specific"
C++ 14. Decreased number
of "platform-specific" cases
  • There are some other differences as well, but they are less confusing than these ones.

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