Game idea(s)

Wanted to call this chapter “Game Concept” or “Game Scenario”, but that would be too premature. There is no clear concept or script in my head yet. Although the visual concept and general direction are more or less settled down.

When thinking about a future game, it's important to decide not only what you WANT in your game, but also what you definitely DON'T. As in my case, I initially decided that there would definitely be no blood, zombies, coins and epic proportions (such as saving the Earth, Galaxy or Universe). Shooting and explosions - perhaps, maybe later.

Instead, I want my game to be less violent, desirably fit on the screen, with rich-detailed pixel-sharp graphics, like a tilt-shift photos:

I'd even say like a railroad layout on a coffee table:

Well, then maybe let it be a coffee table with a railroad layout indeed? This will require:

  • Isometric view
  • Key-stone effect suppression
  • Reduced perspective

Luckily, our Graphics Engine allows it all:

In motion:

I deliberately left the Marlboro pack on the table to emphasize the size of the models. This is my favorite "N scale", 1:160, 9 mm track gauge.

A part of the game will be layout editor. Everything else is not firmly defined yet. If you have ideas or proposals, please feel free to contact us.

Actually, I like this "Coffee Table Games" idea. I even can imagine several games fitting this visual concept. Including shooters, just fight will be between miniature models (or little toys).

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