Game idea(s)

Wanted to call this chapter “Game Concept” or “Game Scenario”, but that would be too premature. There is no clear concept or script in my head yet. Although the visual concept and general direction are more or less settled down. When thinking about a future game, it's important to decide not only what you WANT […]

Chapter 8. Graphics Engine

Cross-platform graphics engine, GameDev, 3D, C++, Android, Windows, OpenGL ES, Visual Studio, Android Studio Well, it's a big topic. I'd even say HUGE. Here we'll need to decide how to build and render our scene/models, where we'll get our 3D models from, how we'll load, unpack and control them, which and how many shaders we […]

Chapter 4. Platform independence

Visual Studio, C++, OpenGL ES, cross-platform In the previous 2 chapters, we have successfully "married" Android and C++, Windows and OpenGL ES. Now, having 2 C++/GLES projects for 2 different platforms, let's see what is common and what is not. The difference actually looks frightening, seems like nothing matches... Except C++ and GL syntax, which […]

Chapter 3. Hello Windows

Visual Studio, Windows, C++, OpenGL ES, GLFW, GLAD Using OpenGL ES on the PC is less straight forward than on Android. The reason is that GL ES is intended for mobile devices, NOT for desktops. Fortunately, solutions exist. OpenGL producers strongly advise to use a window toolkit (GLFW) and an OpenGL loading libraries (GLAD). Well, […]

Chapter 2. Hello Android

Android Studio, Native Activity, Game Activity, C++, OpenGL ES Default Android languages are Java and Kotlin. In order to use C++ we'll need so called NativeActivity. Start Android Studio. Pick New Project. Scroll down, select Game Activity (C++) which is a direct descendant of NativeActivity and shares a similar architecture. It's a Jetpack library designed […]