WordPress fix 4. Header, footer

1. Icons in the top menu WordPress Dashboard->Appearance->Menus allows to manage menus, but in text format only. The only fields available are "URL" and "Navigation Label" in a text format. However, though WordPress itself doesn't offer image options for the menu, CSS does. Professional advice from Artem Demin: It is possible to access menu item […]

WordPress fix 2. Posts formatting

My template, Nirmala, is full-screen, which is perfect for the front page. But posts themselves are full-screen too, which seems little TOO wide, don’t fit well into range of vision: Would be logical to assume that we need to add another custom CSS, something like But no, it doesn’t work. Well… looks like WordPress isn’t […]

WordPress fix 1. Image settings

1. How to hide featured image from the post bodyI am very happy that my template (Nirmala) does NOT generate post thumbnails automatically from post images, since not every post needs them. You always can add so called “featured image” to your post to generate thumbnails. However, when featured image added, WordPress automatically inserts it […]

How to get such website

Now, when we have what to publish, it’s time to think about a web site. First, we’ll need a domain name and web site hosting. When ready, we can think about web site engine. There is a bunch of options. For blog-type sites (like this one) WordPress is the most recognized standard, so I didn’t […]