How to download repository from GitHub 1. Open provided GitHub repository link, for example (like in chapter 3) 2. Click green button "Code". 3. I usually use "Download ZIP". 4. When downloaded, go to your Downloads folder and unpack downloaded zip file to your hard drive (usually C:). 5. Since in my case all […]

Memory leaks detection

Suddenly noticed that while running, memory consumption is slowly but steadily creeping up: which can only mean one thing: Well, then we need to find (detect) and fix it (or them). Some sort of memory leak detection tool would help. Visual Studio offers it's own set of "CRT debug heap functions". However, I was unable […]

OpenGL ES vs Vulkan vs Angle

Sure, I had doubts regarding my initial OpenGL ES choice. Now I have some answers: Vulkan Is it good? Well... Yes: However, I'm mainly interested in how cross-platform it is. Unfortunately, not exactly. Besides: Actually, quite enough to exclude it from my consideration… OpenGL ES The situation around OpenGL ES seems to me much more […]

Visual Studio: the file contains a virus?!

A few days ago I started receiving the following messages from Windows Defender: Microsoft Visual Studio: Unable to start program 'C:\CPP\...\w.exe'. Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software. At the beginning it didn't bother me much, since project rebuild usually helped. But finally Defender "promoted" me (along […]

Video. DaVinci Resolve

I reached the point in my blog where I had to share not just a screenshot, but video. This task splits in a few steps: 1. Capturing the video So, I have an animation on my screen, which I want to record/capture. Windows 10 offers a Capture Utility to record your display. It's a part […]