Chapter 20. Modeler. Round shapes

Our current rectangular model does not allow us to appreciate all the beauty of the Phong shader, in particular - the glares. For that we'll need something more round-shaped. Let's extend our Modeler accordingly. Windows 1. Start VS. Open C:\CPP\a997modeler\p_windows\p_windows.sln. First - we'll need to extend VirtualShape.h. 2. Open VirtualShape.h and replace code by: New […]

Chapter 18. Camera view

In our previous chapters we used straight projection of our subject to the "screen surface". For more realistic picture we need Camera. OpenGL ES doesn't offer an embedded camera object, so we'll need to create one. Windows 1. Start VS. Open C:\CPP\a997modeler\p_windows\p_windows.sln. To see the difference with Camera view let's first simplify our box movement. 2. […]

Chapter 17. Modeler. Part 2

Now back to the modeler. Time to put all these new classes together. Windows 1. Start VS. Open C:\CPP\a997modeler\p_windows\p_windows.sln. 2. Under modeler add new header file ModelBuilder.h Location - C:\CPP\engine\modeler Code: In this sample we will create a red box with 1 blue side (the right one). For this we will need to create 1 GameSubject, […]

Chapter 16. Modeler

Now it's time to think where to get actual 3D models for our Project. Our options are: So, let's start with the last option - generate models programmatically. It will be a set of tools and classes, a considerable part of our engine. Let's create a placeholder for it. 1. In Windows File Explorer under […]